Dog Sledding

Enjoy the Colorado Rockies on a serene and exhilarating dog sled tour that will give you memories of a lifetime!  Quickly becoming one of the fastest growing winter outdoor sports. 

One Hour Group Dogsled Tour
This is the least expensive way to experience the dog sledding with us to six people per group.  Two people drive and ride on the dog sled while the rest of the group can watch from a sleigh pulled by the guide on a snowmobile.  Everyone rotates to get a taste of driving the dog sled.  Plan on a hour and 20 minutes with your guide and a full hour on the trail covering 5 miles.   

One Hour Tagsled Tour
This is a smaller group of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children per sled without the snowmobile.  Two dogsleds are pulled by a larger group of 10-12 dogs.  Everyone has the chance to drive the large team of dogs and enjoy a serene ride through the scenic trails.   This tour also covers 5 miles of trails. 

Two Hour Dogsled Tour
This tour is twice as long and you will also learn the basics of dog sledding including hooking up the dogs and more.  Guest will warm up with hot chocolate in a mountain tent during the tour.  Plan on 2 hours and 15 minutes with one hour and 45 minutes on the trail covering 10 miles.  Available Jan - March only.  

The dog sledding business is typically open from mid-November to mid-April, snow permitting.

For the safety of everyone you cannot participate in dog sledding if you are pregnant, intoxicated, under age 3 or are not physically able to participate.  
Complimentary transportation is available for the one hour tours only from designated spots in Summit County.  

What to Bring
Dress like you are going skiing
  • Layers
  • Warm jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats/gloves
  • Eye protection is required (goggles are recommended)
  • Extra socks in case you get wet
  • Camera
  • Water
Dog Sledding company provides overall-style bibs and snow boots.  Limited supply of children bibs are available but no boots. 


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